Phu Khiew Map, Chaiyaphum Province at thailand-mountains.blogspot.comLocation: Phu Khiew Wildlife Sanctuary before Reaching Churaphon Dam around 3km, Khon San district, Chaiyaphum.

How to go: From Chaiyaphum town, take highway 201 pass Phu Khiew district through Chumphae district and take a left into highway 12 about 20km, then turn left and take route Khon San-Churaphon Dam until Wildlife Sanctuary ranger unit 1 (Pang Muong) at km marker 36, turn left for 8km.

You will find Sa La Prom Wildlife Sanctuary ranger Unit and continue to Phu Khiew Wildlife Sanctuary Office for 18km.

Season: November-July

The scenery and sample place of Phu Khiew, Chaiyaphum Province

Mae Nam Phrom

Mae Nam Phrom the important current of Phu Khiew Wildlife Sanctuary.

Phu Kra Dung spot

You can see Phu Kra Dung from spot view point before get to Thung Kra Mang .

Thung Kra Mang

Thung Kra Mang becomes a food for wildlife of Phu Khiew Wildlife Sanctuary.

Thung Kra Mang

You can stop a car at spot view point along the way before turn to Thung Kra Mang, for take some rest and see the scenery .

Phu Suan Sai Map, Loei Province at thailand-mountains.blogspot.comLocation: Within Na Haeo National Park, Na Haeo district, far from Loei town for 122 km.

How to go: From Dan Sai district, take highway 2113 (Dan Sai-Na Haeo) for about 117 km heading Ban Maung Phrae. Turn left into highway 1268 for about 2km. At the km marker 17, turn right for 3km, you will find the National Park Office.

Season: Rainy-Winter

The scenery and sample place of Phu Suan Sai, Loei Province

Phu Suan Sai's billboard
The billboard along the way to Phu Suan Sai.

Tad Huang Waterfall
Tad Huang Waterfall the most big of Phu Suan Sai, become the murder line between Thai-Laos.

Phu Suan Sai spot
Phu Suan Sai spot nearby national park office.

The scenery of 1408 spot
The scenery of 1408 spot is most very beautiful of Phu Suan Sai. In the noon, you can see ranges nd green rice fields too.