Phu Singh Map at thailand-mountains.blogspot.comLocation: Phut Ta Sathan Phu Singh, Sahasakhan district, far from Kalasin town in the north around 34 km.
How to go: From Kalasin town, you can use highway 227, there are 2 ways to get to summit Phu Singh; from east, it is a dirt sideroad that is pretty steep, so you should be careful or you can choose walk to the summit from west way, it have around 400steps from down to top hill.

Season: Rainy-Winter

The scenery and sample place of Phu Singh, Kalasin Province

The scenery of Sahasakhan district and Phu Kum Khao
You can see the scenery of Sahasakhan district and Phu Kum Khao, which located another side from Phu Singh.